Flippers (EU/GCC-Style)

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Our high quality Stealth Plate frames provide a more convenient option to flip your plates James Bond style with a press of a button, instead of removing them each time. It is used to cover your plates when displaying your car at auto events, track events or photo/videoshoots. Easy install 10-30 minutes.

Fits most EU, GCC countries, and more (see below)

Single Plate Kit:

  • 1x Stealth Plate frame (fits front or back)
  • 1x Computer Unit
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Cable connector
  • 1x Light indicator (small light to have in your interior indicating if cover is up/down)
    • Light on=Plate is covered. Light off=Plate not covered

Double Plate Kit:

  • 2x Stealth Plate frame
  • 1x Computer Unit
  • 1x Remote Control (synced for both frames)
  • 2x Cable connector
  • 1x Light indicator (small light to have in your interior indicating if both covers are up/down)
    • Light on=Plates are covered. Light off=Plates not covered

Item specs

  • Material: Iron & Plastic
  • Anti-rust
  • Input voltage: DC 12V
  • Power Rate: 2W
  • Control Distance: 50M
  • Product size: 20.5" x 4.5"  (525mm x 135mm)
  • Frame depth: 1" (25mm)
  • Fits:
    • Most EU & GCC, UK, UAE, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Ireland, Kuwait, Oman, Russia and more..please check dimensions
  • Fits most makes and models: please check dimensions and fitment (especially the license plate bumper gap in your vehicle)

How to control the flipper frames

There are 4 buttons on the Remote: 1 power button and 3 control buttons (A, B, A/B);

 Press power button, The LED indicator lights up, at the same time, indicators for the 3 control buttons turn red. When you press the control buttons, the flip frame will turn.

 A Button: Controls font frame. Press ONE time, the front frame will turn ONE time, Press A button again, the front frame will turn back to its initial state.

 B button: Controls back frame. Similar to above

 A/B button: Controls both frame at the same time (For Double kit only).


*Not to be used while driving on public roads. If you break any laws, our company will not be held responsible